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Gator Glass Art comprises of two separate types of products. The first is Ash to Glass Art, which infuses cremains into molten glass. The other type of products do not incorporate ash. These include winestoppers, jewelry, etc. Click here to view Non-Ash Products

Ash to Glass Art is a beautiful way to remember a loved one or pet through memorial glass art. Ash to Glass Art is a great way for everyone in the family to have a memory of their loved one that will last for generations. There are a wide variety of highly vibrant, beautiful infused ash pieces to select from. 

Each piece is made of the highest quality materials. This includes the glass which is manufactured in the USA, the aluminum plates which are purchased locally and engraved in house, and the marble stands that are made of beautiful, genuine marble. 

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Gator was first introduced to the world of glass blowing when he visited Seattle in 2014. After his trip, he was captivated by the medium of glass. He spent hours upon hours watching videos on it and learning as much as he could. 


The idea of Gator Glass Art came about after his dog Petey passed away. He noticed that Petey's ashes as well as all of our previous dogs' urns were collecting dust on our shelf. He thought that there had to have been a better way to remember our pets.

For Christmas, Gator gifted his parents with the first Gator Glass paperweight with Petey's ashes encased inside. Their reaction made him want to make these pieces of art for other family's pets and loved ones. Gator strives to get that reaction out of each customer.

Each piece is made in Newbury Park, California. 

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