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Buy 2 Wine Stoppers For $35 Each  
Use Code "Wine35" At Checkout

Choose from a variety of wine stopper styles and premium colors

First, select the desired style

Next, pick what color(s) you want

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Every wine stopper is a one of a kind piece of art. A hand crafted glass orb is secured to a food grade stainless steel wine stopper blank.

Each wine stopper blank is made from 304 kitchen food grade stainless steel. The rubber portions gives the bottle an air tight seal, preventing accelerated oxidation.

Each glass orb is individually hand blown and unique. We use American clear and color, synthetic opals and dichroic glass to create each piece. After the orb is made, it sits in a glass kiln at 1050 degrees. Hours later, the glass cools back to room temperature.

Once the glass is cooled, it is epoxied to the wine stopper blank. It usually takes 2-3 hours for the epoxy to cure and set. 

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