The Whiskey Decanter Set is the perfect way to store your favorite bottle of whiskey. The set comes with 1 decanter and 1 glass (Woodford Reserve not included). Additional glasses can be purchased.The decanter holds a full 750mL bottle of liquor. The mouth of the deacanter is hand formed, as well as solid glass fitting that slides in. To top it all off, a decorative hand blown marble is attached to the glass stopper.


Each hand crafted whiskey glass has a minimum of 7 different sections of glass fused together. After the glasses have been formed, they are annealed for 6 hours. When they have cooled and are at room temperature, the lips are cut on a lapidary slab saw. To get a perfect, smooth lip, they are then grinded and polished on a flat lapidary grinder. 

Whiskey Decanter Set