Choose between 4 IPA Beer Glasses, 4 Tulip Beer Glasses, or 2 of each.


The IPA Beer Glass can be easily confused with a stout beer glass, however there are a few key differences. The bell shape at the top of the glass pushes the hoppy aroma towards your nose as you sip, while the tapered glass construction maintains temperature. The IPA glass also preserves carbonation and keeps a frothy head longer than a standard pint glass. Use this glass to serve hop-forward beers like American IPAs.


The flared lip of a Tulip Beer Glass helps release heady aromas during each sip of beer. The Tulip Glass helps to bring out some of the more subtle characteristics of heavy beers, but many aficionados think it complements any style of beer. 


Please note each glass is handmade and can/will slightly differ than the picture.

Four Pack of 12 Oz Beer Glasses

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