Non-Ash Products

At Gator Glass Art, we offer a wide variety of non-ash infused products. This includes wine stoppers, jewelery, paperweights, and much more. Our wine stoppers are individually hand made, and then secured on a food grade stainless steel wine stopper blank. The silicone is also food grade, providing a very air tight seal inside of the wine bottle. 

Build Your Own Winestopper

If none of the winestoppers in stock below are what you're looking for, you can design your very own! To design your own winestopper;

1. Select your style (Galaxy, Implosion, Flower) refer to below

2. Select desired colors, for Galaxy refer to the gallery on the right with the color samples that are labeled 

3. To begin, click here and select the product titled, "Build Your Own Winestopper"





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